The Birdscarer, by Judy's Kites, is a successful and proven way of helping to keep birds from destroying valuable crops. Since 1990 our Birdscarers have been used in vineyards, orchards, market gardens and all manner and variety of crops that need protection from birds. They have been used on buildings, factories and at marinas. Our Birdscarer suits any size property and has proven to be a popular, efficient and economical way of helping to protect crops and to keep birds away from areas they are not welcome.

The Birdscarer is a large black bird shaped kite, standing some 920 mm high and boasting a wing span of 1420 mm. It is expertly made by Judy's Kites for maximum durability and longevity with high quality materials such as 1.5 oz Rip Stop Nylon sail cloth and sparred with a solid fiberglass frame. High stress areas are reinforced with Dacron, strong vinyl and seat belt webbing. The Birdscarer kite and Retractable Line System are hand made here in our workshop at Sellicks Beach in South Australia. We are a small but dedicated team that takes pride in our workmanship and quality control.

Critical to the operation of the Birdscarer is the unique Retractable Line System. The 45 degree angled PVC top section enclosed a 3.5 metre line which launches the Birdscarer into the wind flapping its wings as it darts around the sky adding both movement and noise to scare birds away. As the wind eases off, a counter weight retracts the line back into the pole leaving the Birdscarer perched atop its pole eagerly awaiting the next gust of wind. The Birdscarer sits upon a 6 metre steel pole scaring birds by its very presence, shape and colour.

The Birdscarer kite and Retractable Line System are available as separate items however are generally purchased together as a complete system. We post these to all areas of Australia and overseas. The complete system is mounted to a steel pole supplied by you and these poles are readily available from your local supply outlet, steel supplier or hardware store.

The Birdscarer assembly instructions are self explanatory and easy to follow; also giving advice and helpful hints on locating and mounting your Birdscarer so as to get the most benefit from it. The steel pole we use is a thin wall steel tube of around 6 metres in length and approximately 45 mm Diameter, however this is not critical and more information is included with the instructions.

We recommend one Birdscarer per hectare.

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