"The introduction of two Birdscarer kites has significantly increased the effectiveness of our integrated Bird Control programs. When the kites are relocated every 2-3 weeks Ravens and Starlings are less frequent in our more remote vineyards in Coonawarra. The kites are used to supplement other bird scaring devices while being particularly effective in themselves"
Max Arney, South Corp Wines, Coonawara

"I've used Judy's 'Hawk' kite for two seasons now, they work in the slightest of breeze and handle the strongest winds. They are effective, efficient, maintenance free and most of all quiet. I have one near my home."
John Barry, Jim Barry Wines, Clare

"When the Birdscarers are flying, they do their job extremely well."
Mark Lloyd, Coriole Winery, McLaren Vale

"We have a number of Judy's Birdscarers particularly in an area of our property that we are not using scare guns and have been extremely happy with the effect they have had on our bird problem. They also do not upset the neighbours."
John Harge, J.H. Enterprises, Barossa Valley

"We would like to thank you for the innovative design of these kites which have proved invaluable in our bird scaring programme in our vineyard at Woodside. As we have expanded the area planted to vines we will certainly be using more of your kites in the next couple of years."
D. & J. Paschke, Carl's Ridge Vineyard, Woodside

"I have been using Judy's Kites Birdscarers for two years now with excellent success. I am impressed how from a distance the kite looks like a wedgetail eagle, it obviously works as it has reduced our bird problem considerably. The Birdscarers are an excellent investment."
John Follet, Grape Grower, Penfolds Langhorne Creek

"We have been moving the Birdscarer around our property on a regular basis and find that this is a successful method to take full advantage of it. We are very happy with the Birdscarers' function."
J. Brandellero, Mountain Breeze Vineyard, Victoria

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